DIY Fire Pit

When we first bought our house, I knew I wanted to put a fire pit in the backyard and was motivated to get it done before our big family BBQ so I could have a s’mores bar. I had one in my backyard growing up and it was really fun to sit around in the summers. My dad built it with rocks he found around the yard – it wasn’t anything fancy but it served its purpose.

This was an easy project that took little time or money – overall it was $38 and about an hour to put together.

Supplies needed:
30 pavers
1 12×12 stepping stone
4 small bricks
1 bag of river rock
Lawn rake

We first decided on where it should go. We bought 10 pavers from Home Depot on our way home from work and tried to mark out a few places it could go. We finally settled on it being next the patio so that it was still close to all the hub-bub when having guests over. We also have a large tree in our backyard, so we wanted to make sure we had enough clearance from it for safety reasons. We didn’t want any sparks going from the fire and hitting the tree. The location next to the patio was most logical for space planning and safety.


Once we settled on location, we marked out the diameter of the pit and used a grass rake to create a clearing.


From here all we had to do was place the rest of the first layer of pavers down and started digging the pit out. We placed the circle first because it gave us a guide for digging


The hole was dug about 8-10 inches deep. The bottom was filled with one 12×12 stepping stone, 4 small bricks and river rock. We considered pouring cement in the bottom, but since we just moved in and we are not 100% sure what our long term plans for the yard are, we didn’t want to do something permanent that would be hard to work around later.


We got 20 more pavers and set out making the next level of the pit. We were not sure if we wanted it stacked 2 or 3 high, but after discussing for a bit, we went with 3. While we don’t have any kids, we do have family and friends with little munchkins and the higher wall seemed safer to us. We also couldn’t decide in we should line them up evenly or stagger them. We stacked it both ways and decided we liked the staggered better.



We love how it turned out! Western Washington was in a burn ban so we had to wait about a week and a half before we could use it. The ban was lifted a few days before the party, so I was especially pleased that I could use the fire for my little s’mores bar. Not to mention, it has been a nice addition for the two of us to around and unwind 🙂

We aren’t quite sure what we will do with the area around it. We have looked into extending the patio area with pavers or using flagstone to create a more defined space. That portion of the project won’t take place until next spring. We do have plans to lay new grass in the backyard and we are hoping to work the fire pit into that budget so we can complete in one big project. 🙂

All in all, for about an hour and $38, this project was well worth it.

Check back later for an update on the August list progress 🙂


12 thoughts on “DIY Fire Pit

    • Hi Tom – we didn’t use adhesive because we were not sure if we would keep the pit in that location. It’s been up since August and is still holding strong. If you have young children or are concerned the pavers would be moved somehow, You could certainly use adhesive when building yours 🙂

    • Casey – we found it to be easy. We just wait a day or two after the fire to ensure the embers and everything are completely out – we use a shovel and dispose of them.

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